4 May, 2020

Logo Story

  • By Team SP

A logo tells this story without any words and pictures, but through a powerful compelling essence mixed with a pinch of combined experiences, feelings and perceptions our brand strives to evoke in others.

When talking about Success Pact, this story has to be special and keeping that “Special something” in mind,   we began with the journey of redesigning our logo.

“Designing” sounds like an easy word but for us it was more than simply choosing colours and fonts. It was a disguised need for us to craft a brand identity that clearly and effectively communicate the essence and core of our organisation.

And to make this possible- We went through an in-depth process of research, exploration & refinement.

The Logo which you all see today is not a random design selected in a spur of a moment but a result of brainstorming sessions understanding a series of ideas and designs. It is an amalgamation of who we are, what we provide and what we are aspiring to be in the long run.

Initiating from the Colours –

Colour Royal Blue – Representing Trust, Reliability and Strength which we believe we have earned it with our consistent efforts of providing the best services to our Prospects.

Colour Orange – Representing a glimpse of our continuously blooming culture full of Optimism, Ally ship and Cheerfulness.

Colour Green – Representing our business to be fenced with the merriment of peace, health and prosperity.


Combination of geometrical shapes


Square box with Curve edges – Which adds a strong sense of precision and stability achieved by us in the last 8 wonderful years.

Symbol of Infinity – Depicting our infinite and boundless potential to strive towards growth.

Open edge points in the infinity symbol – Depicting that we here at Success Pact are open to adapt ourselves in the best possible manner to achieve our organisational goals together.

Combination of the two triangles in infinity symbol depicting the initials of our company – S & P

Symbol of delta in green colour – Depicting an urge towards continuous legitimate growth and development.

As a team, we deeply care how our design is seen and understood and here we are with a consistent, recognisable, unique visual identity of Success Pact which helps us to establish a strong brand story and an even stronger client and employee bond.


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