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30 April, 2020

“We Listen” Program

  • By Team SP
  • MentalHealth, Welisten

Success Pact has been hyper-focused on helping its people keep physically healthy right now from supporting social distancing with work from home facility to introducing ‘we care’ policy which offers financial provision for our people and their families.

A catastrophe at the scale of the COVID-19 pandemic affects us not only physically but also leaves an indelible imprint mentally. Mental health is foundational to overall health and maintaining the mental health of people right now is a fundamental priority for Success Pact to maintain workforce health.

Keeping in mind that maintaining mental health is an issue of singular importance throughout this crisis, Success Pact has launched “WE LISTEN” program .The program with the objective to extend mental wellness support for employees by appointing trained counsellors who offers ‘listening ear and silent shoulder’ to freely express themselves . Alongside, conducting online mental health workshop which covers all heightened emotions like anxiety, stress, isolation lowness and provide ways to manage work from home during this scenario.

We extend gratitude to clinical psychologists and mental health organization, NGOs who got associated with us for this cause and readily came forward to support us.

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