31 March, 2020

Token of gratitude to Mother Earth

  • By Team SP
From our inception till back to assimilation in nature, we all revolve around Mother Earth… We off let stand from being needy to being greedy: We today, to live:- we exploit (nature)… we destroy (flora and fauna)… we steal(mine natural resources) We know that we are so accustomed to certain panorama of life that we do not hold control over the conscious damage which we cause to the nature every day. This year while planning our CSR activity under our objective program “Giving back to Society” we pledge to pursue 4 R’s rule to protect our environment, our mother Earth and protect the future of our coming generations. The 4 R Principle comprise of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle & Reforestation. Reduce: We vow to reduce our consumption of goods which damage or exploit environment like: - tissues boxes and replace it with Hand dyers - Reduce our use of papers - Plastic disposables Tissues and paper are produced using trees/plants which are adding up to issues like deforestation, soil erosion, global warming, wildlife endangerment etc. We reduced on our electricity consumption by ensuring to switch of lights of place in office which are when not in use like Meeting Room, Conference Room, Recreation area, gym etc. Reuse: Under rule second of ‘Reuse’, we have started encouraging use of reusable commodities instead of disposables. Recycle: We look to join hands with the firms for e-recycling and recycling paper waste and other reusable commodities. Reforestation: The divine deity which gives to each one of us selflessly… The major factor that help us in our sustenance and sustainment, also considered as the lungs of mother earth “The Tree”. When we thought of reforestation, we brainstormed on many ideas on how to contribute our bit in planting tree as the major challenge in the execution of plan was how to ensure the sustenance of these saplings.   Lots of suggestion, thoughts, ideas and research narrowed us down to support the cause by making our contribution through the digital plantation schemes running under the flagship of our government. We with the moto to ‘go green’ and to contribute on behalf of the entire Success Pact family, decided to plant one tree on birthday of every employee on their behalf. This stands as a small green wealth which we gift to our people on their special day for better being of them and their coming generations. Alongside paying tribute to the divine nature.   We solemn promise to contribute our pie of effort & request you (the readers) to do your bit, as though we can contribute little but little when multiples lead to Revolution.....   -Madhavi Sengar(Senior Manager - Human Resources)

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